LUMA-iD were commissioned to design and manufacture an interactive sleeve to fit around a 3 litre Ciroc Vodka bottle. The sleeve features a custom made 1,024 LED flexible PCB panel and a separately illuminated logo. The sleeve responds in real-time to music with a built in microphone and micro PC to output an incredible effect.

  • The prototype features 1024 multicoloured LEDs, each individual accessible for any colour and brightness value.
  • Dealing with the weight of a 3 litre glass model and contents was one of the hardest design requirements to work out.
  • The 3D printed screw cap allows easy removal and replacement of a 3L Ciroc bottle.
  • The CIROC logo features 150 LEDS to display a wide array of effects.
  • Batteries, microphone and CPU are all housed in the base of the unit.