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about LUMA

"Tech design requires a mixture of experience, problem solving and creativity — that’s why we love it."

LUMA-iD are a specialist design and manufacturing consultancy, working with clients in a wide field of industries. Our particular areas of focus are technical design, PCB and hardware prototyping, 3D printing and manufacturing in London.

Decades of combined experienced ensures our team are able to elevate the most basic of concepts into a fully developed product. We achieve this by following a highly-defined list of processes that allow us to apply our full scope of knowledge to help you optimise your chance of success.

But our consultancy framework doesn’t stop there. While known for providing exceptional 3D design in London, we also have a range of additional business services to offer your product post-production. From helping to protect your intellectual property and developing marketing strategies, to certifying your product and organising worldwide distribution, you can rely on LUMA-iD to supply the complete 360 service.

Our expertise

  • Technical Design (CAD, circuit design, flowcharts)
  • Prototyping (3D printing, PCB printing)
  • Manufacturing (mass vol China / low vol EU)
  • Distribution (air/ ocean)
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Business consultancy (market introductions, direct vs retail, web/marketing tools)
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